Evening Broadcasts

“This show is arguably by far the best production to grace the Ring’s stage in quite a long while.” – Spotlight Magazine

Evening Broadcasts is a collection of three one-act plays, all set in different time periods with some sort of fantasy or sci-fi twist. In “Death and the 1889 Colombian Herpetological Expedition,” a pair of Victorian graduate students find themselves trapped in a cabin in a South American jungle with an organ-specific-eating zombie. “The Shores of Lake Parima” strikes a far more serious note, as Sir Walter Raleigh is visited on the night of his execution by his oldest friend, Henry Percy, the Earl of Northumberland. Percy might be able to save Raleigh’s life, but only at a devastating price. Finally, in “And the Angels Sing,” five men in a factory in Naples on the eve of World War II are given a glimpse of a coming apocalypse and realize they are the only ones with the power to prevent it. The collection debuted in June of 2009 at The Players’ Ring in Portsmouth, NH.

Cast: 5

Technical Requirements: Some light and sound effects.


Stay up Past Your Bedtime at The Players’ Ring – Spotlight Magazine

Crush Depth

“Smart and intriguing.” – Spotlight Magazine

On a desperate rescue mission, the USS El Dorado is crippled by a surprise attack and left trapped on the bottom of the sea. But as the crew of the control room recover from the disaster, they realize they’ve got more to worry about than the Russians and a leaking boat. The rest of the crew has somehow vanished, leading them to doubt their sanity, or wonder if they’ve stumbled up against a dark and dangerous power.

Crush Depth is a full length, sci-fi thriller set entirely in the control room of a fictional Los Angeles-class submarine. Debuting at The Players’ Ring in Portsmouth, NH in September of 2009, Crush Depth played to sold-out houses and garnered several Spotlight award nominations, as well as winning for Best Ensemble Cast.

Cast: 11

Technical Requirements: Single set. Some lighting changes. Numerous sound effects. Working microphones/intercoms and speakers both onstage and off.


Scary Season Opener

‘Crush Depth’ is Smart and Intriguing


“Interference… lights a fire inside you that is just too excruciatingly delicious to pass up.” – The Wire

Co-written with Heather Bourbeau.

What happens when a group of ghost hunters investigate a possible haunting inside a New England theater? Far more than they bargained for in this innovative theatrical event. Sarah joins friend Jason for what should just be another night’s work, but things get tense when someone from her past turns up to make a special guest appearance. Then the alleged haunting they came to debunk turns out to be all too real, plunging the investigators into a terror they can’t escape.

Based on actual paranormal activities, Interference breaks the fourth wall to terrifying effect as the audience finds itself invisible observer/participants in a real-life haunting. Debuted at The Players’ Ring in October of 2007 to rave reviews and multiple sold-out houses.

Cast: 4

Technical Requirements: Interference can work with any existing space or set. Simple audio effects. A few more advanced pieces of video trickery are used, which may require rental of a video mixing board. Will need a television or televisions, video camera, and dummy laptop, tape recorder, and digital camera.


Watch Your Back: Look out for Interference

Review of play ‘Interference’ at the Players Ring from White Rhino Report

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