Best-Ever Heroine Introductions

Today, I'm working on a new protagonist.

Forget Pygmalion. Creating the central persona of your novel is more like being a five-year-old with a tub of Play-Doh. Grand ambitions abound, but your elephant often ends up looking more like a lumpy purple rock.

Secondary characters are soooo much easier to create. Distinct and quirky personalities work wonderfully when we're not primarily seeing through their eyes. What serves as delightfully charming in small doses becomes irritating as hell when you put it front and center of your narrative.

This is probably the primary reason so many books suffer from relatively dull protagonists. And sometimes, that works just fine. The straightlaced foil surrounded by a circus of bizarre personalities can make for great reading.

However, when it comes to completing a writing project, I have the attention span of a gnat. If I'm not passionate about my protagonist, I'm pretty well guaranteed to reach Chapter 3 (roughly speaking) before I declare the whole book a useless boring mess and skip off to something shiny on the other side of my brain.