Meet Jacquelyn

Name: Jacquelyn Benson
Age: Like she's telling…
Location: New Hampshire

Likes: Cheese, cats, genre fiction

Special Skills:
Homebrewing, karaoke, reading Tarot

Jacquelyn studied anthropology at Queen’s University of Belfast in Northern Ireland. Her master’s thesis examined the social lives of paranormal investigators, a project that saw her work with over a dozen ghost hunting groups throughout New England. (And yes: she now believes in ghosts.)

Family Life:
Unlike Ellie, Jacquelyn is quite happy to be married (though of course, marriage today means something different than it did for a woman in the 19th century). Her husband is a tall, dark and handsome English teacher, and she is also the mother of two adorable and unruly children.

Jacquelyn’s preferred method of unwinding involves whipping up elaborate dinners, preferably with a foraged ingredient or two and a glass of wine.

Residential Oddities:
For several years, Jacquelyn and her husband lived on a museum property in Southern Maine, the lovely Hamilton House. The pair served as off-season caretakers and lived in a historic cottage on the banks of the Salmon Falls river. They eventually moved, succumbing to the allure of 20th century insulation.

Employment History:
In addition to writing novels, Jacquelyn has worked as a luxury lifestyle magazine editor, a political analyst, and a librarian.

Photo by Jasmin Hunter Photography.

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